5 ways to make this Christmas Eve extra special

25 May 2022. By Santa's Little Helper

Make Christmas Eve extra special this year with these ideas for the kids!

It’s a wonderful Christmas time!

There is something about Christmas that makes the entire lead up feel awe-inspiring, especially as a child.

They see all the decorations up everywhere and opening the letter from santa that they received. Places that look dull usually are now bright and cheery with glowing stars on their fixtures.

People are smiling and sharing gifts. Unless, of course, you are the poor soul who left their Christmas shopping until the last minute, then the smile is usually more of a grimace!

All the delicious food and drink that is available. Then being shouted at for eating the treats that can’t be opened until Christmas Eve.

The smell of pine trees and cinnamon.

Spending more time with friends and family, playing games, and laughing.

It is a joyous time of the year.

The past few years have been difficult for children, so what can you do to make this Christmas Eve extra special?

In fact, what could you do to make it the very best!?

5 ways to make this Christmas Eve extra special

1.   The North Pole Breakfast

This is amazing for young and older kids! The kids could even help you make it. 

Start Christmas Eve with a bang with a fun breakfast. The breakfast is full of Christmas breakfast items. Think Pancakes decorated as Santa Claus, Strawberries dressed as Santa hats, Christmas crumpets. You could all have so much fun making your own Christmas breakfast items, or you could surprise everyone with a feast when they wake up! 

2. Gingerbread houses / Christmas baking

Christmas is the time to spend with your family, and Christmas baking with your children will make everlasting memories. Many places sell delicious gingerbread houses that you can build together, decorate together and then eat together. Unless you’re too slow and the kids have already eaten it all! Not a fan of gingerbread!? Bake cookies or a cake together that would be suitable to eat throughout the day. Make sure they are big enough to decorate, and you will need to ensure you have all the squirty cream, sprinkles and icing ready to decorate everything in a Christmassy fashion.

3. Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve box is just magical and perfect for spending the day together as a family.

You can have a box for each child (and adult!) or place items for an individual

in one big box. 

But what should they include!?

Think matching Christmas pyjamas (the cheesier, the better), slippers, Christmas puzzles, colouring books, and warm and snuggly blankets. Christmas mugs with delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows that are ready to be made. Reindeer food to be left out later in the evening and maybe some treats for Santa. The choice is yours! What do you want the family to be doing on Christmas Eve?

The box should contain items to allow you as a family to be together on this wonderful occasion.

4.  Christmas Movie Marathon

There is nothing more indulgent than sitting with your family in matching pyjamas, wrapped in a warm blanket, drinking a yummy hot chocolate, and watching the best Christmas movies. Think The Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf and Home Alone! Christmas movie bliss! If you can’t decide what to watch without some bickering, pre-pick the movies, so the kids don’t have a choice!

But what could make a Christmas movie marathon even better??


Christmas is the time to indulge, and sweets are needed during a movie marathon. You could include your child’s favourite treats in their Christmas Eve box. Or, to make the evening even more unique, surprise them with a Christmas sweet hamper! Filled to the brim with a wide selection of the best chocolates around. You won’t be able to help yourself either.

5. Receiving letters from Santa

After an exciting day filled with family time, joy, and laughter, after many sweets have been eaten, films have been watched and treats for Santa, and the reindeer have been left out, it’s time to send the kids to bed. You’re tired, and hopefully, they are too! However, imagine their eyes lighting up when you say you have one more treat left for them. You hand over the envelopes with their names and hear their squeals of delight when they read their personalised letter from Santa

These are just a few of the many things you could do next Christmas Eve to make it extra special. Spending quality time and having fun with your children will always make it memorable for them.

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