Bag Your Spot On Santa’s Nice List in 2022 – How To Guide (and how not to be on Santa’s naughty list!)

31 July 2022. By Santa's Little Helper

The Christmas Spirit 

Santa Claus

Santa Claus will put you on his nice list if you have encapsulated the Christmas spirit all year round. The Christmas holidays are all about connection, and joyfulness.

At Christmas, you can show your family and friends how much you care about them by buying them a present, cooking food, or spending quality time with each other. You may even buy your child or young relative a letter from Santa to let them know they’re on Santa’s list!

Perhaps most importantly, the Christmas spirit is about sacrifice and giving back. Christmas is a time of selflessness and altruism. Santa doesn’t want you to just forget about these very important things 11 months of the year. He wants you to do good things every day of the year.

Start spreading Christmas joy now and guarantee your spot on Santa’s nice list!

What is the Naughty and Nice List

The naughty or nice list is Santa’s way of keeping track of who has been good and who has been bad each year. He uses the list to know who to give the best presents to! The naughty and nice list originated from the depths of the North Pole.

Santa realised that some people don’t really deserve amazing presents made by the elves. He wanted to personally know all the people that have been so wonderful all year, and the people that haven’t done so well. 

Santa will visit everyone on his list regardless of where you are placed. It isn’t in the Christmas spirit to be vengeful or to punish people for what they have done wrong. Although, it is rumoured you may find some coal in your stocking if you’re on Santa’s naughty list!

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On the nice list

How to Get on Santa’s Nice List 

Getting on Santa’s nice list is easier than it sounds! Santa appreciates good deeds both great and small. He rewards the little things as much as the extravagant ones. People on the nice lists are guaranteed to be spoiled on Christmas Day!

It’s a fantastic incentive to be a good, caring, kind person all the time. Remember, kindness is always free!

Read on to find out how you can secure your place on Santa’s nice list. Our friends in the North Pole tell us that Santa has a version of the nice list for people who have followed all our recommendations!  

Christmas gifts



One of the best things you can do to end up on Santa’s list is to volunteer. Volunteering is the practice of giving free labour to community service or charity. It’s a completely selfless pursuit.

We so often associate work with being completely transactional. Volunteering is a service that gives back to people. The volunteer does not benefit from it in any way other than feeling satisfied by their kindness. 

Volunteering is so important because it gives valuable help to community groups that are helping others. You can volunteer for a food shelter, work in a charity shop, or care for animals.

The opportunities to volunteer are endless! Look out for ads from charities that are looking for extra help, contact the service you want to volunteer for, submit an application, and get stuck in! 

As a volunteer, you can also develop a wonderful support system around you. You meet new people that share your core values! Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose while also expanding your social circle. Volunteering results in nothing but good things. 

Any kind of volunteering will bag you a spot on Santa’s nice list. 


Donate to a Charity

Donating to charity doesn’t have to be a massive strain on your bank account. You can donate a small amount every month. Charities will always appreciate your kindness.

The price of donations is never fixed. Donate in line with your current financial situation. You can drop a few coins in the donation collection buckets you pass on the street or buy some Girl Guide biscuits. There are so many ways to donate to a charity. 

The hardest part about finding the charity you want to donate to. Find a charity that you resonate with. The good news is that advertising for charities is everywhere. Keep an eye out and start thinking about what you believe in.

Make a saved folder on your computer of charities you like, review them every once in a while, and then make a decision. There are so many incredible charities to choose from. You can donate to a charity that helps children in need, finds a site for a well in Africa, or improves access for disabled people in public spaces. Whatever you value, you can donate to. 

Donating to charity

Be Kind to get on Santa’s list

Small acts of everyday kindness change the world. Santa will be sure to put you straight on his nice list for being a kind, generous person. Kindness is often in the small things. You can make a child smile by making a silly face, helping an eldery person with their heavy shopping bags, or holding the door open for someone. 

We think kindness means using your manners, treating people with respect, being positive, and complimenting people. There are so many different ways to incorporate more kindness in your life. Santa will appreciate all the kind things you do.

On the other hand, being rude or nasty to people will most definitely result in your name being added to the naughty list. Try to be patient in the face of adversity. Instead of responding with anger, take a couple of deep breaths, and choose kindness instead. Santa will be proud of you for it! 


Help People 

Santa’s nice list is full of people who have helped others. We’ve made a short list of things you can do to help others. You can volunteer for a community group, donate to a charity, help your friends through troubles, or give food to a food bank.

You can also give blood, check on your neighbours, write letters to the elderly, or give unwanted clothes to a charity. Fundraising for a meaningful cause, supporting local businesses, and caring for children and animals, are all ways to help people. 

Helping people is proven to boost your wellbeing and happiness. It can even lower your blood pressure! Making a difference in people’s lives gives people a sense of meaning. Your social network will grow when people realise you’re a generous, helpful person.

Soon, helping others will become second nature. Santa doesn’t like it when people refuse to help others. He will most definitely put you on the naughty list for any kind of selfishness! 

Helping others

Reach Out to Your Friends 

A good friend may need a shoulder to cry on, or your family may need you for extra support. Whatever it is, check in on the people in your life. Make sure they are okay. Ask them if they need you to help them out. Visit your friends and family when they are struggling. Whether this is emotionally, financially, or spiritually, be someone they can rely on. You can even purchase some flowers and surprise your loved ones with them. 

People too often wait for permissions before they reach out to people. Especially in this age of content, we can be more disconnected than ever. We don’t think you should enter people’s homes unannounced. But, we do think we should show people that you care about them. Express your love to the people around you through words and actions alike. 

Supporting your friends and family thrive will easily bag you a spot on Santa’s nice list! If you’re more inclined to end up on the naughty list, do the opposite of what we advise! 


Have Fun!

Having fun is one of the most underrated ways to get on the nice list. You should aim to spread happiness and joy throughout your life. At the heart of a good, fulfilling life is fun. Our top tips for having more fun are to laugh more, make an effort to try new things, and go outside your comfort zone.

You can also expand your social circle, be spontaneous, and start enjoying the little things. Fun is everywhere, you don’t have to look far to find it. However, having fun should never be done at someone’s expense. Don’t be selfish in your pursuit of fun. This will send you straight to the naughty list. Instead, bring others into your fun-loving fold. 

Having fun

The Naughty or Nice list checklist

We’ve compiled below a few santa’s list essentials to make sure you’re on this years nice list and not the naughty list! Santa’s naughty list is filling up fast so you need to make sure you’re on you your best behaviour!

Christmas Gifts

We’ll begin the checking with a few simple tips to ensure you’re on santa’s nice list;

  1. Believe in Christmas!
  2. Review your weekly list of good behaviour and see where you can improve!
  3. Create a list of nice things you can do to help people each week
  4. Contact local charities and see if you can assist in anyway!
  5. Keep tabs on your naughty or nice list tasks each and every week.

There you have it! That’s how to bag your spot on Santa’s nice list. Santa might even give you some extra cookies to say thanks for all your kindness. Don’t forget if you’re being bad Santa will remember to add you to santa’s naughty list!


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