How to Create a DIY Letter to Santa Kit for Your Kids

28 June 2024. By Santa's Little Helper

As a child, the magic of Christmas begins as soon as you start writing your Christmas letter to Santa. Listing all of the gifts you’d love, explaining all the nice things you’ve done throughout the year and letting your creativity flow all the way to the North Pole – it’s such an amazing experience, and parents can create the perfect DIY kit and make it into a really fun family memory.

Whilst busy getting the sleigh ready, Santa Claus will have the elves read him the letters – so don’t forget to send them off in time to get a reply!

Each DIY kit can be personal to your little ones, with their full name, colours and themes that they enjoy. Encourage them to write a really creative letter to Santa and to have fun with it.

In this blog, we are going to give you all of the information you need to spread joy and wonder through a letter to Santa, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a reply letter from Santa!

Letter to Santa Craft

Essential Components of Writing a Letter to Santa Claus

Hosting a party to write letters to Santa is a really great Christmas activity. There are a few essential items you’ll need to create your DIY kits.

Quality Paper

It’s a foundation of your kits, you can’t really write a letter without it, and it might be something you have in the cupboard. Plain white paper will do, but if you’re feeling adventurous, find a paper printed with a Christmas design on it.

If you’re using markers or stickers or a stamp, card is your best bet as this can handle a bit of tough love without tearing. On the top of the paper, you can add the child’s name to add an extra special touch.

Quality paper for letter to Santa


You’ll also need an envelope that you address to Santa Clause with the address North Pole, Santa’s Grotto. If you don’t have this, how is the letter going to make it’s way to Santa?!

Pens & Markers

Pick fun colours of pens and markets so that they can have fun with it, it’s a bonus if you can pick Christmas colours like red and green so that they can draw some Christmas themed doodles for Santa. (He really enjoys looking at all of the pictures drawn for him!)

To assemble this together, there are many things to you can do – you could get Christmas themed boxes and place the items inside for each child, or you can set it up neatly on the table with a sign with each child’s name in their place.

Writing a letter to Santa

Personalise Your Santa Letter Writing Kit

Children will be thrilled to see their name beautifully printed on festive paper, which reinforces the idea that Santa knows and cares about them individually. Customising stationery is easy with the help of online printing services or DIY printable templates.

Choose designs that reflect the child’s favorite Christmas motifs, whether it’s reindeer, snowflakes, or Santa himself, to add an extra layer of magic.

Including a personalised letter from Santa as part of the kit can set the stage for an enchanting experience. This initial letter can address the child by name and express excitement about receiving their letter. This thoughtful touch can make children feel directly connected to Santa, enhancing the overall excitement and anticipation.

Santa receiving a letter

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