How to Get on Santas Nice List – Top 10 For 2022

22 November 2022. By Santa's Little Helper

Have you ever wondered how to get on Santa’s nice list? Well, today is your lucky day! We’ll be revealing all our top tips for getting yourself on Santa’s good list and getting the best presents this year! Of course he will let you know if you’ve made his special list with his letter from Santa which are sent round in the build up to Christmas!

Santa loves to reward people alike that do nice things for their friends and family!

He’s always keeping track of all the big and little things  people do from the North Pole. You can’t hide from Santa and his Christmas elves!

He knows what videos you watch, how you treat your loved ones, and all those mean things you did years ago. He’s always watching prior to sending out his Santa letters!

Santa Claus bases his Christmas day present decisions on how nice you’ve been all year and the year before! You’ve got to be on your best behaviour all the time! Otherwise, you may end up on the naughty list! 

Keep reading to find out how to get on Santa’s good list in 2022 and have a very merry Christmas… 

How to Get on Santa’s Nice List

1. Leave Milk For Santa

Santa loves a refreshing glass of milk after working all Christmas Eve. Leave out a warm glass of milk next to your Christmas tree or stocking.

Santa will really appreciate a much needed rest after his busy day and night.

He travels all over the globe from the North Pole! He needs something to rejuvenate him for the sleigh ride and the long night ahead.

Milk for Santa

Otherwise, he may not be able to visit all the children! Santa will put you straight on the nice list for being so thoughtful. He may even give you an extra present or two to say thanks! 

2. Give Your Friends and Family Presents

Giving your friends and family presents is one of the best things you can do! Santa loves to see people being generous and kind to their loved ones.

Gift your friends and family toys, sweets, or other things to get on the nice list.

This is one of our favourite ways to get on the nice list. It’s always so fun to buy presents for people! 

Christmas presents

3. Do Your Homework 

Do your school homework and you’ll get on Santa’s nice list this year! Santa thinks a good education is so important.

Santa loves to see hard working children that prioritise their education. He always rewards studious people with a spot on his nice list.

Always leave room for your homework after school. Watch how much time you’re spending on the computer or TV. I

f you’re finding you don’t have much time left for homework, you may need to limit your screen time!

Santa thinks you should drop everything and focus on your homework for a couple of hours each day! This way you’ll definitely get on Santa’s nice list!

4. Be a Good Friend

Small acts of everyday kindness can change the world. Santa will be sure to put you straight on his nice list for being a kind, generous friend.

Being a good friend happens in small ways every single day! You can be extra nice and extend these lovely gestures to strangers.

Things like making a child smile by making a silly face, helping an elderly person with their heavy shopping bags, or holding the door open for someone will get you on the nice list this year.

It’s so much fun to be friendly to people!

5. Be on Your Best Behaviour All Year

Be on your best behaviour all your and you’ll be on Santa’s nice list this year!

We think this means using your manners, treating people with respect, being positive, and complimenting people.

There are so many different ways to incorporate more kindness into your life. Santa will appreciate all the kind things you do!

Promise yourself you’ll do good deeds every day. This promise will keep you motivated and focused. Before you know it, you’ll have been nice every day of the year and be on the nice list!

This is a super easy way to develop good, consistent habits! Santa will love you for it! Kindness is free after all!

6. Do Good Deed for Your Neighbours and Community 

Treat your neighbour how you want to be treated! Taking care of your neighbourhood and community is one of the easiest ways to get on Santa’s nice list.

You can clean the neighbourhood streets, take care of the shared garden, help local kids get to school, talk to your neighbours, or organise a local event.

Before you know it, you’ll create the perfect neighbourhood to live in. Santa always comments on the amazing things people do in their local community! Santa’s nice list is full of people who take care of their community.

7. Help People 

Santa’s nice list is full of people who have helped others. We’ve made a short list of things you can do to help others.

You can volunteer for a community group, donate to a charity, help your friends through troubles, or give food to a food bank.

You can also give blood, check on your neighbours, write letters to the elderly, or give unwanted clothes to a charity.

Being kind

8. Donate to a Charity

Donating to charity doesn’t have to be a massive strain on your bank account. You can donate a small amount every month. Charities will always appreciate your kindness.

You can drop a few coins in the donation collection buckets you pass on the street or buy some Girl Guide biscuits. There are so many ways to donate to a charity!

Raising money for Charity

9. Reach Out to Your Friends

A friend may need a shoulder to cry on, or your family may need you for extra support. Whatever it is, check in on the people in your life. Make sure they are okay. Ask them if they need you to help them out.

Visit your friends and family when they are struggling. Whether this is emotionally, financially, or spiritually, be someone they can rely on. You can even purchase some flowers and surprise your loved ones with them. 

10. Have a Merry Christmas

Get on Santa’s nice list by having a merry Christmas! Santa wants you to be happy and jolly this Christmas season!

Having a merry family Christmas

How to Get on Santa’s Naughty List

1. Being Selfish

Santa hates it when people are selfish. He really doesn’t like it when people are self-centred and only thinks of themselves.

He loves it when people are generous, thoughtful, and selfless. Being selfish is a sure-fire way to get on the naughty list this year!

2. Not Sharing

Sharing is a very important value to Santa. He thinks sharing is caring. If you don’t share, Santa thinks it’s quite selfish and nasty.

Santa will always put someone who doesn’t share on his naughty list! Santa is always impressed when people share with their family and friends.  

3. Not Eating Vegetables at Dinner

Santa really doesn’t like when people don’t eat their vegetables at dinner. He thinks every person should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Good Santa knows that vegetables make us happy inside and out! Don’t forget to eat all your vegetables at dinner, otherwise, you may end up on the naughty list! 


4. Being Unfriendly to Parents

Being rude or nasty to people – especially mom or dad – will most definitely result in your name being added to the naughty list.

Try to be patient in the face of adversity. Instead of responding with anger, take a couple of deep breaths, and choose kindness instead.

Santa will be proud of you for it! We should always treat people (including our parents) with love and respect!

Parents do so many amazing things for their children every single day. Santa loves to see children appreciating mom and dad’s hard work! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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