Interview with Santa’s head elf

7 February 2024. By Santa's Little Helper

Today we have a special guest to interview for our blog and we are super excited!

It’s that time of the year when Santa Claus has a rest and begins to prepare for the next Christmas Eve where he’ll be out travelling the world dropping off presents… but we didn’t want to let the spirit of Christmas leave us just yet, so today we’ve got an interview with Santa’s Head Christmas Elf, Jingles.

We are asking him a range of questions about Christmas customs, Santa’s elves, the North Pole, about what his role is throughout the year and how he makes sure the Christmas holiday is always magical!

What’s your favorite part about working with Santa and making toys for children?

As Head Elf, my favourite part about working with Santa has got to be the joy and magic that we spread across the world. Knowing that each toy us elves make is going to bring a huge smile to the faces of children across the globe on Christmas morning has got to be what I love the most.

I suppose working with Santa and the other elves is pretty good too!


Can you give us a glimpse into a typical day in the life of a Head Elf during the holiday season?

A typical day in the life of a Head Elf during the holiday season is filled with hustle and bustle as we work tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the North Pole. Here’s a glimpse into what my day might look like.

I start the day bright and early by gathering with the other elves for a quick meeting. We go over our goals for the day, discuss any special requests from Santa, and make sure everyone knows their assignments.

As Head Elf, I also spend time training and supporting the other elves. Whether it’s teaching new techniques for toy-making or providing encouragement during busy periods, I make sure that everyone feels supported and valued.

I conduct regular checks to ensure that all toys meet our high standards of quality and safety. This involves inspecting materials, testing prototypes, and making adjustments as needed to ensure that every toy is perfect for its recipient.

Despite the busy schedule, I make sure we take time to celebrate our achievements as a team. After all, bringing joy is what the Christmas Season is all about!

How do you manage the massive operation of toy production at the North Pole?

Managing the operation of toy production is very fun, but can be a lot of work. Which is why, us elves, have to make sure we have a plan in place so everyone can enjoy their own Christmas celebration!

I think working together is a super important part of operation Christmas. We help each other out and cheer each other on. Whether it’s painting, sewing, or assembling, we all have a part to play in making Christmas Day special.

Mrs. Claus always makes sure we have yummy treats to keep us energised. Her cookies are the best, and they give us the extra boost we need to keep working hard.

Elve's home

Do you have a favorite Christmas song that you and the other elves like to sing while you work?

Oh, we elves absolutely love singing while we work! It’s one of our biggest Christmas traditions.

One of our all time favorite Christmas songs is “Jingle Bells”! It’s such a cheerful and catchy tune that always puts us in the holiday spirit.

Throughout December, we will also play Christmas Carols to really celebrate Christmas!

What qualities do you need as one of Santa’s elves?

Being one of Santa’s elves is an incredibly important job. From managing Christmas traditions and Christmas gifts we spread happiness and joy all around.

I’d say the most important traits are being hardworking, creative and a team player. (It’s also a bonus if you look really good in pointy hats!)

Can you share a secret about Santa’s workshop that most people don’t know?

Santa’s workshop is filled with magical doors! These enchanted doors lead to different parts of the world, allowing Santa and the elves to check on children to see if they are being nice and kind and spread a little extra magic throughout the year.

What’s the yummiest treat Mrs. Claus has ever made for the elves?

Mrs. Claus is known for her delicious treats, and we elves have quite the sweet tooth! One of the yummiest treats she’s ever made for us is her famous hot cocoa cupcakes with peppermint frosting.

She also makes a really good Christmas dinner for Santa Claus and the elves to enjoy after we have delivered all of the presents!

How do you keep the spirit of Christmas alive among the elves throughout the year?

Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive among us elves is one of our top priorities, and we have lots of fun ways to do it!

We have Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree up every day of the year. We celebrate special holidays throughout the year, like celebrating Christmas in July or Elf Appreciation Day.

Christmas spirit elf

What message would you like to share with children around the world who believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus?

Remember, the true magic of Christmas isn’t just found in presents under the tree or gift giving, but in the love, laughter, and togetherness we share with family and friends. So, keep believing, keep dreaming, and keep spreading kindness wherever you go.

Do you have any tips for kids who want to be on the nice list next Christmas?

Absolutely! Here are some tips straight from the North Pole to help kids stay on Santa’s nice list next year:

Be Kind: Showing kindness to others is one of the best ways to stay on the nice list. Whether it’s helping a friend, being polite to grown-ups, or sharing with others, every act of kindness makes a big difference.

Listen to Parents and Teachers: Listening to your parents and teachers shows respect and responsibility. Follow their rules, do your chores, and try your best in school. Santa loves kids who are responsible and respectful!

Use Good Manners: Saying “please” and “thank you,” being polite, and using good manners are important ways to show that you care about others’ feelings. Remembering to use your manners in all situations will definitely impress Santa.

Be Honest: Always tell the truth, even when it’s hard. Santa knows when you’ve been honest, and he appreciates kids who are truthful and trustworthy.

Be a Good Friend: Treat your friends with kindness, respect, and empathy. Be there for them when they need you, and stand up for what’s right. Being a good friend is sure to earn you extra points with Santa.

Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. By being kind, respectful, and considerate to everyone you meet, you’ll be sure to stay on Santa’s nice list.

Be Patient and Understanding: Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but being patient and understanding can make all the difference. Stay calm, be flexible, and remember to show kindness even when things get tough.

Elves with pointy shoes

Why are your shoes and hat so pointy?

Our shoes and hats are pointy because it’s part of our traditional elf attire! The pointy shoes help us navigate through the snow and ice at the North Pole, while the pointy hats are just a fun and festive part of our uniform. Plus, they make us look extra elf-tastic!

What is your favourite Christmas tradition from around the world?

Ah, my favorite Christmas tradition from around the world? That would have to be the beautiful tradition of decorating Christmas trees! It’s so magical to see your family come together to decorate their trees with twinkling lights and shiny ornaments to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

Whether it’s a big spruce in Germany or a palm tree in the tropics, the joy of decorating the tree is untouchable. It’s a tradition that brings people closer, fills homes with warmth, and spreads the spirit of the Christian holiday far and wide!

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