Santa Claus Names From Around The World

11 January 2023. By Santa's Little Helper

Santa Claus goes by so many different names. Have you ever wondered why he has so many nicknames around the world and what they all mean?

Well, wonder no longer. This is the definitive list of names for Santa Claus!

Keep reading to find out about all the different names for Santa Claus around the world!

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the most popular name to call Father Christmas! Children the world over know Santa Claus as the man delivering gifts on Christmas morning!

The name Santa Claus evolved from Dutch custom, SinterKlaas. Sinter Klass is a shortened version of Sint Nikolaas, which is the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas!

Father Christmas

Father Christmas

Father Christmas is the father of all things Christmas! Whether it be Christmas eve festivities, Christmas gifts, Christmas day, or the whole Christmas season, Father Christmas is the patriarch of it all!

Father Christmas first appeared in England in the 19th Century as an allegorical figure that represented the winter festive season. 

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas 

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children! Saint Nicholas was a monk born around 280 A.D in Turkey. According to church doctrine, Saint Nicholas travelled near and far giving generous gifts to good children.

The legend of Saint Nicholas is what inspired modern-day Santa Claus. Many people still call Father Christmas by this traditional, formal name! 

Old Saint Nick

Old Saint Nick is the informal version of Saint Nicholas. You may hear Old Saint Nick in songs, folklore, or movies. Now you know it’s just a shortened version of Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus! 

Christmas Man

Short and sweet! The Christmas Man says it all really! Santa Claus represents all things Christmas-y! 

Christmas man

Daddy Christmas

If you’re looking for a shortened version of Father Christmas, opt for Daddy Christmas instead. 

Grandfather Frost 

Grandfather Frost comes from the Russian name Dedek Mraz. Dedek Mraz literally translates as Grandpa Frost.

Dedek Mraz delivers presents to children on New Years Eve instead of on Christmas Day. Other than that, Dedek Mraz is essentially the same as our beloved Santa Claus. 

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle 

Many people call Father Christmas, Kris Kringle. Kris Kringle originates from the German word Christkind (Christ child).

This is an affectionate and fun name for Father Christmas that nods to his origins in southern Germany.  

Dun Che Lao Ren 

Believe it or not, Dun Che Lao Ren is the Chinese Santa Claus! It loosely translates as “Christmas old man”.  

Papa Noel or Papai Noel 

Did you know, Father Christmas is known as Papa Noel in the French Colonies and Latin America?!  

Santa Kurohsu

Simply put, Santa Kurohsu is the Japanese name for the famous gift giver! 

Santa Kurohsu

Thomas Nast 

American illustrator Thomas Nast drew the first Santa Claus figure. Nast first drew Santa Claus in 1862 for the Harper’s Weekly cover.

Santa memorialised the family sacrifices during the Civil War. Some people affectionately call Santa Claus Thomas Nast to pay homage to his original creator! 

Babbo Natale 

Babbo Natale means Santa Claus in Italian! 

Saint Basil 

Catholic saints, like Saint Basil and Saint Nicholas are the first iterations of Santa Claus. Saint Basil gave gifts to people in need. Many people at midnight mass will pray to these Saints on Nicholas Day. 


Joulupukki is the Finnish Santa Claus! It literally means “Christmas goat” or “Yule goat”. 

Jesus Christ 

Did you know, baby Jesus was the original Santa Claus. Well, not literally. The birth of Jesus Christ is why we celebrate Christmas each year. 

Noel Baba 

Santa Claus is called Noel Baba in Turkey! Noel Baba brings small gifts to children and adults all over Turkey!

Père Noël 

Père Noël is the French name for Santa Claus the Jolly Man. He brings gifts to French children on the nice list every year. 

La Befana 

In Italian folklore, la Befana is the original Santa Claus. In the middle ages, an old woman delivered presents to children throughout Italy. La Befana is one of the many Santa Claus figures that have popped up throughout history. 

The Man in the Red Suit With White Fur

The Man in the Red Suit with White Fur wishes everyone a very merry Christmas! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all the different names for Santa Claus around the world! It’s amazing how different cultures name Santa Claus! Christmas traditions are diverse and vibrant all over the world!

Let us know in the comments below what your favourite version of Santa Clauses is! Don’t forget to check out all our other blog posts on all things Christmas!

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