Santa Quiz For The Children

24 October 2022. By Santa's Little Helper

What is the name of Santa’s most famous reindeer?


Santa’s red-nosed reindeer is called Rudolf, of course! His shiny red nose guides the sleigh every single Christmas Eve.

What color is Santa’s outfit?


Bright red – this might be so that you can see him in all the snow!

How many reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh?

Nine is how many reindeers pull the sleigh – Rudolf leads the pack, and the remaining eight help to pull the sleigh itself.

Who is the historical figure that Santa is based upon?

St Nicholas

St Nicholas – there’s another question about him later on, so keep an eye out!

Where does Santa live?

Santa Claus lives at the north pole, with his wife, Mrs. Claus.


What treat do you leave out for Santa?

You can leave out all sorts of treats for Santa! In the US, they leave out milk and cookies. In the UK, a mince pie is traditional, and in Denmark, rice pudding with cinnamon is traditional.

Who created the modern image of Santa?

Santa Claus has been around for a long, long time, but the first people to draw him in the modern outfit was the coca-cola company – that’s why they release that advert on TV every year!


Complete the sentence: Santa’s other name is Father X?

Father Christmas! Santa Clause is known by this name around the world, as well as Saint Nicholas, or, simply, Santa.

Asking Santa

What color is the belt that Santa wears?

Santa Claus wears a black leather belt! His big, round belly is adorned with a belt to make sure that he’s wearing red from head to toe.


What do naughty children typically receive from Santa?

Naughty children receive a lump of coal from Father Christmas!


How does Santa typically get into homes around the world?

Father Christmas

Father Christmas usually comes into homes by coming in down the chimney, though stories do talk about him coming through the window or under the door.

What is the name of the people that helps Santa?

Elves help Santa, and elves helped to write this Santa quiz! The big man needs a little help here and there, and elves can be very helpful indeed.

Where do the reindeer land the sleigh on most houses?

This one is up for debate, but many a Christmas legend talk about how Santa and the reindeer land on the roof of every house in the world on Christmas eve. Since that’s what Christmas legends say, that’s what this Santa quiz agrees with!

What are the names of Santa’s two lists?

As the famous Christmas song tells us, he makes a list and checks it twice. That list is the nice list, and the other is the naughty list!

Letters from Santa

What is the name of Santa’s counterpart?

Santa Claus’ counterpart is Krampus, who scares naughty children at Christmas time.

What food does Santa’s bowl shake like when he laughs?

Santa Claus’ belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly whenever he laughs, and that’s quite often for such a jolly man as him!

What is Santa’s address?

Santa Claus’ address, for a Christmas list, is usually ‘Santa, North Pole’.

St Nicholas is the patron saint of what?

The patron saint of giving – which is Santa shares his name.

What do people leave out for Santa’s reindeer each Christmas?

To refuel from their long journey from the north pole, reindeer, including red-nosed reindeer, like to munch on carrots.

When does Santa come every single year?

Santa Claus comes on Christmas eve to deliver presents across the world!

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