Santas Elves – Everything You Need to Know

28 October 2022. By Santa's Little Helper

Today, we’re answering your frequently asked questions about Santas elves. Have you ever wondered where they come from or what they get up to in Santa’s workshop? Have you ever been curious about what kind of work the elves do for Santa Claus?

Do you want to know how to include more elves in your Christmas celebrations? Well, today we’re covering everything! We’ve got all the answers to your Christmas elf questions!

We’re answering everything from their individual character, how tiny they are, how tall they are, whether they like children or not, the list goes on! This is everything you need to know about Christmas elves! 

Does Santa Claus Like the Elves? 

Santa and elves

Of course, he does! Old St Nicholas loves the Christmas elves. Santa Claus works very closely with his elf friends during the Christmas season. He sees them every day and always loves their company.

Sometimes the elves can get into mischief, but Santa Claus doesn’t mind too much. He knows they all have their unique character traits.

When the elves are in a silly goofy mood they like to run up the Christmas tree in Santa’s house and hide presents all over the place!

Santa Claus actually really enjoys the excitement the elves bring to the North Pole! But, he would prefer it if they didn’t mess up his house! 

Does Santas Elves Write His Christmas Letters?

Santa is a busy man, but he always finds time to write his santa letters to each and every child. Whether you’re on the naughty or nice list Santa will let you know and you’ll receive your letter from Santa before the big day!

You can also send your letters in to Santa which the elves will receive and pass on to him.

Where Do Santa’s Elves Come From? 

Santa’s elves come from the North Pole. They are born and bred in a secret location at the North Pole.

The North Pole is in the very centre of the Northern Hemisphere. The nearest human settlement is an island off the coast of Greenland.

Nobody really knows exactly where the North Pole is! Santa Claus doesn’t let anyone visit. He wants to keep the Christmas magic (and mystery!) alive for people around the world! 


What Jobs Do Christmas Elves Do? 

Christmas elves do all sorts of jobs. Elves make toys, look after the reindeer, others keep an eye on the children on the naughty list, some trim bushy evergreen trees, and the list goes on! There are a variety of Christmas elf duties at the North Pole.

Some elves just wrap presents, while others do lots of different things. For example, there is one very special elf that is a sleigh’s runner, makes wooden rocking horses, ensures all Christmas lights function correctly, and flies around the world visiting boys and girls.

Wow, that’s an awful lot of jobs for one elf! Sounds very tiring! 

Where Do Elves Learn to Make Toys? 

The elves go to elf school at the North Pole, of course! They receive elf school credits at their special institution. Once they have received enough elf school credits they graduate and join Santa’s workshop!

At school, the elves learn all the most important jobs like how to make toys, how to maintain Santa’s sleigh, how to look after the reindeer, and how to decorate a Christmas tree. They are taught special skills like anticipating repairs and how to gain clearance. 

They also get educated on important Christmas information, like where candy canes come from and why elves have pointy ears. Each elf takes several basic subjects, but some even learn computer science!

They all have special skills and qualities that help Santa Claus in different ways. All of Santa’s elves are very smart indeed. From Christmas elf school, they are promoted to Santa Claus’ workshop at the North Pole. 

What Do the Christmas Elves Like About Christmas?

The elves love everything about Christmas. They spend all year preparing for December and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The elves find it very difficult to decide on one thing they like the most about Christmas. But if they were to choose, they would definitely choose the Christmas spirit.

The elves love spreading the joy of Christmas. They think the holidays are the happiest, most special time of year.

They love seeing people give presents to their loved ones, express their gratitude, and spend quality time with their family. And, they love that the Christmas spirit is all about having fun! 

Christmas tree

What Do Elves Look Like? 

Firstly, elves are tiny! They aren’t much taller than the average boy or girl. Elves are very compact and can squeeze into the smallest of places.

Their miniature size comes in handy when they are fixing Santa’s sleigh or running away from Mrs. Claus.

They may not be very tall, but they are very mighty. Elves look quite similar to leprechauns. They have pointy ears, noses, and feet. Other than their distinctive outer ear and their small size, they look just like humans!

Elves will usually be dressed in bright green Christmas uniforms with white baubles on them when they’re working. 

Is a Christmas Elf on the Naughty or Nice List? 

The elves are usually on St Nicholas’ nice list. But, sometimes they do get into trouble. Santa Claus usually puts a couple of mischievous elves on the naughty list so they can think about their actions.

However, Santa always takes them off eventually. Santa Claus knows the elves get caught up in having too much fun and often forget their responsibilities. 

Elf not on a shelf

What is an Elf’s Favourite Food? 

Elves love Christmas food. They love feasting on candy canes, Christmas pudding, and mince pies. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the holiday season, elves will be munching on festive food all year around. It’s pretty much all they eat! 

What’s So Special About Santa’s Elves? 

The Christmas elves are so special because they do so much work for Santa! They make toys, craft decorations, do household tasks, look after the reindeer, and so much else.

The elves will fearlessly head into the cold night and do anything Santa asks for. They are brave, hard-working, and dedicated. Santa’s elves won’t stop until they have made the perfect Christmas! 

What Toys Do the Elves Make? 

The elves are so good at crafting and toy making. They make wooden toys, plastic toys, board games, soft toys, and a range of other toys. Any toy you can think of, the elves can make. Every single toy that Santa delivers on Christmas eve is handmade by the elves. They are a very talented bunch! 

What Do the Elves Do in Their Spare Time? 

At night and on the weekends, the elves love to watch Christmas movies! Each elf has their favourite movie character they love to watch.

The elf’s also enjoy going for walks in the forest, socialising with their friends, and hanging out with the reindeer!

More than anything, the Christmas elves love to have fun and spread the joy of Christmas in their spare time! 

Who are the Original Elves? 

The original elves are Miss. Sugarplum Mary, Shinny Upatree, Mrs. Pepper Minstix, and Alabaster Snowball. These are the oldest residents of the North Pole elf community. They all have their unique character and personality traits.

They are definitely very well loved by Santa and all the elves. Shinny Upatree can be a bit grumpy and Pepper Minstix can be too serious, but nobody would change a thing about these amazing elves!   

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