Santa’s Favourite Refreshments. What to Leave Out on Christmas Eve!

19 September 2022. By Santa's Little Helper

These are Santa’s favourite refreshments to leave out this Christmas Eve! You’re guaranteed to be at the top of Santa’s nice list after treating him to his favourite snacks and drinks. You might just find you’ve made santa’s nice list in a letter from santa if he knows he has some of these below refreshments to look forward to!

Read on to find out how to make Santa’s day… 


Santa loves a refreshing glass of milk after working all Christmas Eve. Leave out a warm glass of milk next to your Christmas tree or stocking. Santa will really appreciate a much needed rest after his busy day. It’ll rejuvenate his bones and make them nice and strong for the sleigh ride ahead.  Santa may even give you an extra present or two to say thanks! 

Milk for Santa


Cookies and milk are a match made in heaven. It’s also one of Santa’s favourite combinations. He loves to snack on some delicious cookies with his glass of milk. Whether it’s chocolate chips, gingerbread, shortbread, peanut butter, or Oreos, Santa loves them all! Leave out a couple of your favourite flavours – or bake a homemade batch – to sweeten Santa’s Christmas Eve. 

Fun fact time! The milk and cookies tradition started in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Parents wanted to teach their children the value of gratitude and the importance of sharing. Even when times are tough, you should share your blessings with others. What a great life lesson! 

Cookies for Santa

Rice Pudding

Yep, you heard that right. Santa’s a big fan of rice pudding. Santa eats rice pudding, also known as risengrod, while he’s travelling through Denmark. Danish children believe that the mischievous elves Nisser and Tomte will cause havoc if they don’t serve Santa risengrod. Risengrod is a hearty pick-me-up Santa loves to feast on while he’s running errands through Denmark. 


Okay, so carrots are technically not for Santa, but he still very much appreciates them. Santa hates to see the reindeer miss out on their favourite snack while he is munching on cookies, milk, and rice pudding. Pop a bunch of carrots out alongside Santa’s refreshment to show you care! Rudolf and his friends will be very grateful. 

Hungry Reindeer


Santa’s in desperate need of a hot cup of joe on Christmas Eve! He will really appreciate a caffeine boost after  working all day and all night! Leave a nice, strong cup of coffee out for Santa this Christmas Eve. We don’t want Santa falling asleep at the [sleigh] wheel. 

Fresh Fruit

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Cut up some apple slices for Santa. We want him to be as happy and as healthy as possible. Fruit contains natural sugars and carbohydrates, which are perfect for busy days and long nights. Santa needs as much help as possible to get through his chaotic night shift! Fresh fruit will keep him feeling full and energised! 

Pan de Pascua

Santa loves to stop in Chile as he gets treated to Pan de Pascua. It may not be common knowledge, but this is actually one of Santa’s favourite refreshments. Pan de Pascua is a Chilean delicacy. It is essentially a fruitcake made with cherries, coffee, dried fruit, and brandy. Yum! Santa loves to relax by the open fire while he enjoys a slice of Pan de Pascua. It doesn’t get more festive than that! You can make a homemade Pan de Pascua cake as a fun holiday activity. Leave a little out for Santa and share the rest with your friends and family! 

Homemade Oat Sprinkle 

Do you think you’ve been missed from Santa’s nice list? Encourage the reindeers to your house with a homemade oat sprinkle. Children all over the world swear by this mixture of oats, brown sugar, and Christmas sprinkles to tempt (and welcome) reindeer. Even if Santa wants to bypass your house this Christmas, the reindeer will make the stop anyway. Whether you’re on the naughty or the nice list this year, the homemade oat sprinkle will be adored by Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and, of course, Rudolph. 

A Glass of Brandy, Sherry, or Whisky

Leave Santa his favourite tipple this year! It may be a little less common than cookies and milk, but a luxurious drop of liquor is much loved by Santa. After a stressful night flying all over the world delivering presents, Santa is desperate for a little pick me up. Brandy, sherry, or whisky are his preferred adult beverages. If you’re looking to give Santa a unique, memorable refreshment, opt for a classy glass of brandy, sherry, or whisky. 

Mince Pie

It’s an English tradition to give Santa a mince pie on Christmas Eve. Contrary to popular opinion, a Christmas mince pie isn’t actually made with minced beef. It’s actually a small, sweet pie made with dried fruit. The English love to serve their mince pies warmed with runny cream. Why don’t you leave a deliciously festive mince pie as a refreshment for Santa? It’ll give homage to your British roots and show Santa how much you care!

Mince Pies


Luck of the Irish! Santa is very partial to Guinness as he passes through Ireland. And who would blame them? Irish families always leave Santa some Guinness. Santa doesn’t have time to sit down for a three course meal on Christmas Eve. Santa only has a couple of minutes to rest his feet. Good thing Guinness is a filling, sustaining drink! It’s the perfect mix of refreshing, hydrating, and satisfying. According to some Irish, it’s even quite nutritious! 

Mulled Apple Juice 

Santa spends a lot of time outside on Christmas Eve! Help him warm up before he hits the slopes again with some warm mulled apple juice. Mulled apple juice is a great option if you’re a little concerned about Santa drinking on the job. Make sure he stays alert and refreshed with some homemade mulled apple juice. 

Santa Letters

Santa will need some entertainment while he’s taking his break and enjoying his refreshments! Make Santa some homemade, personalised Santa letters this festive season. Tell Santa how important Christmas is to you, what presents you’re hoping for, and why you should be on the nice list! 

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Santa Cookies

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