Santa’s Secret Hobbies: What Does He When He’s Not Checking His List?

11 March 2024. By Santa's Little Helper

During the end of the year, Santa Claus (also known as Kris Kringle in some regions) works tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly over Christmas, and his hard work doesn’t go to waste as children and adults across the world get to experience the joy of Christmas day.

Once the 26th of December arrives, Santa begins his summer holidays and relaxes so that he is ready to do it all again next year! But what exactly does he get up to? Apart from checking the nice and naughty list, doing some little bits to prepare for Christmas and making toys, Santa also has a whole load of secret hobbies that he enjoys to do.

Santa always keeps himself busy and we’re sharing a few of his favourite things to do to keep himself occupied in the run up to Christmas!

Santa’s Reading Retreat

Walking into Santa’s second favourite room (his first is obviously the toy making factory!) you’ll find shelves filled with books from all around the world and a big comfy red chair in the corner, right beside the window.

When he gets a minute, Santa Claus loves to read as he knows that every single book he reads increases his knowledge. He’ll sit down with a hot cup of cocoa and a book and spend hours exploring a new world.

Santa Reading

Baking and Cooking with Santa Claus

When Father Christmas is back from seeing to the reindeer’s and hanging out with the elves, one of his favourite hobbies is to bake and cook alongside Mrs Claus.

From sweet treats, like his famous sugar cookie and chocolate chip muffins, to dinners – Santa Claus has a passion for cooking up a storm in the kitchen (with the supervision of Mrs Clause of course!)

His food puts a smile on all of the elves faces!

Santa's baking

Music and Singing

Now you might not believe this, but when it comes to a guitar, Father Christmas knows how to make it sound amazing!

Outside of the holiday season, Santa Claus loves to have a singsong with the elves – of an evening you’ve often find them huddled round the fire, roasting marshmallows and singing their hearts out.

They have even discussed releasing an album which we think would be super cool!

Outdoor Adventures

If he’s not exploring the skies on his sleigh, Santa Claus loves to be outside exploring all of the magical wonders the North Pole has to offer.

He loves to go skiing, sledding and he’s always out exploring the landscape – he’s even spotted a few magical creatures in his time!


In the North Pole, the magical garden is Santa’s pride and joy. He loves to create a space where every person and elf can relax and connect with the world.

His favourite plants and flowers to grow are ones that add a touch of colour, for example, the Boreal Jacob’s ladder and Dwarf fireweed are two of his favourite things to have in his garden.

Reindeer Games

Santa’s favourite hobby is playing games with his reindeer. Santa joins in on the fun, participating in fun reindeer games and building bonds with his loyal helpers.

From hide and seek to Guess Who, sometimes they can be up all night laughing.


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