What to write in a Santa letter

16 October 2021. By Santa

Get into the Christmas spirit!

There is nothing more exciting in the lead up to Christmas than helping your child write their Santa letter. This letter could be the first letter that they write and writing letters can be difficult. Children worldwide take part in this Christmas tradition of writing a letter to Santa, but how can you make your child’s letter to Santa Claus the best one around?

So put on your favourite Christmas tunes, grab some tasty Christmas snacks for you and the kids. Get started and have some fun with a tradition that embodies the magic of Christmas!

The gift list

First, your child needs a list of what presents they would like to receive. In the past, it could have looked something like circling the old Argos catalogue. Nowadays your child may get ideas from their friends, adverts on the TV or the internet.

Check how many gifts are on their current present list. If there are far too many presents on that list, get your child to shorten the list. How? I hear you ask. Use the idea that Santa and his elves must make presents for all the children in the world, and Santa will not be able to get all those presents for you. Once you have a suitable sized present list with exactly what they want, now is the time to collect all the stationary your children require to write their letter.

Christmas stationery

If you can, invest in some Christmas style pens and paper. These could be brightly coloured in traditional colours such as red, green, silver and gold. Perhaps, getting some Christmas style stickers and pictures, they could decorate their letter with. If you are feeling brave, get some glitter and glue that they could use later.

Ask your child what paper they would like to have and what pen to use to write the actual letter. Your child now has everything required to start writing their letter to Santa.

Dear Santa

If you are unsure how to write a letter, there are plenty of letter writing guidelines and examples on the internet. You can also print off letter to Santa templates from places such as pinterest. So, to help your child, make sure you have a rough idea of how to compose letters or download an example.

When you write a letter, your address should be on the top right-hand corner of your letter. The date, you write directly underneath. Then below that, on the left-hand side should be the start of the letter. 

Your children’s letter to Santa should start with Dear Santa Claus or Dear Father Christmas. If they want, they can also include Mrs Claus and the Elves.

What to write?

Underneath the Dear Santa, a greeting to Father Christmas could be included. For example, ‘How are you? I hope the North Pole is nice and that you, the elves, and the reindeer are well.’ Remember to remind children that any letters to Santa should be friendly and polite; otherwise, they may end up on the naughty list!

The nice list

The next section of the letter should be about the children who are writing the letters. Their name, age, what they like about Christmas and why they should be on Santa’s nice list. This should be fun. Tell the kids to include fun facts about themselves, like who their best friend is and their hobbies together. Maybe write a template for them to follow or copy if they are young.

The all-important present section

All the different types of presents your kids wish for Christmas should be placed in this section. They can write this part of their Christmas letters in bullet points, in bright colours and in any style of writing they wish, big writing, small writing, even bubble writing. If they are still relatively young, maybe get pictures of the types of toy they desire so they can cut them out and stick them on their letter. They may want to include a toy or a different kind of present that they wish their friend or family member could have as a gift from Santa.

The polite ending

At this point, remind your children that Santa Claus gets so many letters to the North pole each year, and if they write a polite letter to Santa, then they may end up with some of the gifts they want. If their letter is good, they might even receive a letter from Saint Nick himself from the North Pole. 

A good ending could be ‘I promise to be good for the rest of the year for my parents and family, and I promise I won’t forget to leave out milk, a mince pie and some carrots for Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer on Christmas eve’. 

Another type of ending for your kids letter to Santa could be that they wish a Happy Christmas to Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, all the elves and the reindeer. Don’t forget to get your children to sign the bottom of their letter to Santa.

Decorate it!

The letter to Santa Claus has entirely been written; now it’s time to decorate it and make it look festive. Let the kids have extra fun with this, get tinsel, glitter and Christmas style pictures or stickers to decorate the letter to Santa. Draw or print off a template of Christmas pictures that the kids can colour in. Pictures of holly, Rudolph, the elves and the big guy, Santa Claus, in his red suit are perfect festive pictures to add to the letter.

The envelope

On the envelope for the letter, the kids or even you the parents need to fill in the front. Write Santa or write Santa Claus and then write his address as at the North Pole. The envelope can even be decorated to look festive too. Carefully, the kids’ letter then needs to be placed in the envelope. Together, you and your children can then go and mail the letter. They will probably be quite excited about this and thinking about all the toys and presents they could be getting on Christmas morning. 

Personalised Santa Claus letters 

A few weeks pass by, and the kids start asking, wasn’t my letter good enough for a reply. You must come up with excuses such as Santa Claus is a very busy man right now, and he receives so many letters, so you may need to wait for a reply. You start to think about creating a note yourself for the kids from Santa, as it would be a magical experience for them. However, you just know they will know it is from you, and you are not the least bit creative. What can you do?

The Real Santa Letters company can help you. They create personalised letters from Santa. Each letter is carefully designed and written in a traditional style with quality paper. This style provides an authentic look and feel to the letter.

Each letter can be personalised with a special message from Santa, co-authored by you. You just need to provide the information you want in the message, such as the full name of the person receiving the letter, their age, achievements from the year, their hometown. The more information you provide, the more enchanting the personalised response will be.

Along with the personalised response, The Real Santa Letters company will also send a good child certificate for free that was created in the same traditional style and written on the same quality paper. The letter and the certificate are delivered in special North Pole post envelopes, with the child’s name and address on the front. As a gift for the parents, delivery of this special letter is free within the UK. 

Christmas eve

Imagine on Christmas eve, all the hard work and preparation for the Big Day is now done. House is nice and tidy, all presents are wrapped, and under the tree, food prep is complete. You and your family are relaxing with each other in matching pyjamas, watching a Christmas movie on TV.  Imagine your children’s faces when you pull out letters addressed to them. Instead of handing them to the kids as soon as they arrived in the mail, you have made them wait. They read the words on the envelope out aloud and see the sign on the front that they are from the North Pole. They rip open the envelope to see their personalised letter from Santa. Again, they read the words out for everyone to hear. ‘It’s like magic that he knows so much about me!’ they squeal. You smile. 

Let Real Santa Letters help you to recreate that magic this Christmas. 

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