Free Printable Letter & Envelope From Santa

Create your own personalised letter from Santa using our free printable letter and envelope template and designs. You can ensure children can truly experience the magic of Christmas with a just a few basic craft supplies which you can find around the house.

Our Santa letter template is free to download and will give your child the real experience of receiving their letter from Santa. It’s a free letter from Santa, printable from home just for you

What you will need:

  • Letter from Santa and Envelope Printable – Sign up below to get this for FREE
  • A4 paper x2 (only 1 if you are using your own envelope)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colour printer (or access to one)
  • Pen
Free Download

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Creating your letter

STEP 1: Complete the form below to get our Santa Letter Template

STEP 2: Open up the letter using Microsoft Word and edit the existing message on the template to create your personalised message. To make the letter extra special we recommend personalising the message as much as possible. You could include details such as the age of the child, the name of their best friend, school or teacher, what gift they want for Christmas, their hometown or notable achievements.

Next simply print your letter using a colour printer. Alternatively you can print the template without any messaging and then use a pen to write the by hand message yourself.

Creating your envelope (optional)

STEP 1: Complete the form below to get our ‘North Pole Post’ envelope template.

STEP 2: Print the envelope using a colour printer.

STEP 3: Use scissors to cut around the brown lines.

STEP 4: Fold over the envelope flaps to create the envelope (use a ruler to make sure the folding is straight).

STEP 5: Use glue to ensure the envelope flaps are secured in place (don’t glue the top flap until you have your letter inside!).

STEP 6: Fold and insert the letter you created earlier, then use a pen and write out who the letter will be addressed to.

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