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11 October 2022. By Santa's Little Helper

When it comes to the holiday season, there’s a very real and dedicated group of people who are certain that making gifts yourself is a surefire way to be remembered in the history books as a kind and avid gift giver. In truth, they’re completely right!

DIY gifts have a certain layer of sweetness to them that’s hard to describe – they can be gentle and lovely as well as perfectly accurate to what you know the recipient wants. With that in mind, take a look through this list of some wonderful DIY Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas cookies


Christmas cookies are, aside from writing a Santa letter, one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season. They’re always small, sweet, and delightful pockets of joy that can be sure to bring a little nugget of happiness and light to anyone in the world.

It truly doesn’t matter whether you’re making these cookies for an adult, a child, or anyone in between, people always love homemade cookies.

We would recommend searching around for the perfect recipe if you can – there are bound to be a few great ones online, and using some spices that you know the recipient love is a great way to bring a little tasty sweetness to the holiday season.

We have a whole blog post on baked treats for Santa!

Letter from Santa

Letter from Santa

A letter from Santa can be a really wonderful gift for a little one to receive during the holiday period, especially on Christmas day. A lot of the time, it can feel a little like Santa is a huge presence in the run-up to Christmas, but is noticeably absent for the big day itself. For that reason, we would suggest a letter from Santa to be sure that the kids in your home know that the spirit of Christmas is still right there in the room with them.

The great thing about a Santa letter is, of course, that it can be opened last to complete the illusion that Santa knows exactly what each child in the home is getting. For example, Santa could implore children to be careful when they use their new bike, or ask them to say thank you to your elf on the shelf so that their thanks may be passed up the line to him.

Part of the Santa mythos is that he’s a truly ever-present figure. By bringing a letter from Santa into the mix, he becomes that much more present on Christmas day.

Hand-crafted wooly items

Knitted Scarf

Hand-crafted items of any kind will always be appreciated since they typically take so long to make. This means that, when you do create them, you need to be sure that the giftee will adore them.

If you’ve got someone craft-worthy, then knitting, sewing, crocheting, or embroidering them a small present can be a really sweet way to thank them for the kindness and warmth that they’ve shown you over the years. A common gift during the holiday season is something that would be sure to keep them warm, such as a scarf, jumper, or mittens. If those things are a little too large or intimidating, then that’s fine – you can always make something a little smaller!

There are plenty of knitting patterns, for example, that teaches you the process of making a small stuffed toy. There are even kits up for grabs online that you could purchase to create and pass along a small, Christmas-themed animal.

Whatever you make, the gift is truly the time and effort that went into making it – always remember that, and the recipient will, too.

‘For your mistelTOES’ pamper kit

This could be a great gift for anyone that might be in need of a bit of pampering. Admittedly, we aren’t including the pun for any good reason, other than the fact that it makes us smile, and Christmas has always been a time for cheesy jokes!

Whether or not you choose to opt for the pun, you can make up a pamper kit for a loved one that would be perfectly designed to tailor their specific needs. If they enjoy having painted nails, a small bottle of nail varnish could be ideal. If they enjoy having a tube of hand cream nearby at all times, then that would make an ideal gift, too.

To make the gift a little more heartfelt, you could include a pair of identical face masks or something similar, along with a note saying that you’ll do them together. That way, the gift is both the things that they get on the day, plus a mini spa-day at a later date. That’s sweet, no matter how you slice it!

DIY Christmas gifts don’t have to be all the hassle and stress of making a whole jumper or sewing a dozen tablecloths. Instead, they simply need to show a little love and attention went into them. With heaps of both, you’ll certainly have a happy Christmas on your hands!

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