How To Plan For Christmas Throughout The Year

16 February 2023

By Santa's Little Helper

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!” – Oh, how we all love the sound of this famous Christmas song. But alongside the season of joy, there comes a lot of stress, especially when it comes to preparing for the big day itself. From shopping for gifts and decorating the house to cooking a…

Santa Claus Names From Around The World

11 January 2023

By Santa's Little Helper

Santa Claus goes by so many different names. Have you ever wondered why he has so many nicknames around the world and what they all mean? Well, wonder no longer. This is the definitive list of names for Santa Claus! Keep reading to find out about all the different names for Santa Claus around the…

How to Get on Santas Nice List – Top 10 For 2022

22 November 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Have you ever wondered how to get on Santa’s nice list? Well, today is your lucky day! We’ll be revealing all our top tips for getting yourself on Santa’s good list and getting the best presents this year! Of course he will let you know if you’ve made his special list with his letter from Santa which…

Make Your Own Christmas Advent Calendar

8 November 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Whether you’re looking forward to receiving your letter from santa, eating your huge Christmas Day lunch or opening those pressies, it’s a magical and wonderful time of year. Let the Christmas countdown begin! Christmas is officially right around the corner. Instead of purchasing pre-made advent calendars at the shops, why don’t you do it yourself?! DIY…

Handmade Christmas Cards – Wow Your Nearest & Dearest

3 November 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Wow your nearest and dearest with these homemade cards! We’ve curated some impeccable instructions for making Christmas cards. This is how to make beautiful homemade Christmas cards for Santa or for your friends and family…  Handmade Christmas Cards What You’ll Need 1. Pick Your Paper Picking your paper is one of the most important parts…

Santas Elves – Everything You Need to Know

28 October 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Today, we’re answering your frequently asked questions about Santas elves. Have you ever wondered where they come from or what they get up to in Santa’s workshop? Have you ever been curious about what kind of work the elves do for Santa Claus? Do you want to know how to include more elves in your…

Santa Quiz For The Children

24 October 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

What is the name of Santa’s most famous reindeer? Santa’s red-nosed reindeer is called Rudolf, of course! His shiny red nose guides the sleigh every single Christmas Eve. What color is Santa’s outfit? Bright red – this might be so that you can see him in all the snow! How many reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh?…

Is Your Name on Santa’s ‘Nice List’?

15 October 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

The festive season is just around the corner, and from their workshop in the North Pole, Santa makes the all-important gift lists for children of all ages. With a little help from one or two elves, Santa draws up the nice list and makes sure that his work shop has a fantastic range of toys…

Do It YoursELF Christmas Craft Ideas

11 October 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

When it comes to the holiday season, there’s a very real and dedicated group of people who are certain that making gifts yourself is a surefire way to be remembered in the history books as a kind and avid gift giver. In truth, they’re completely right! DIY gifts have a certain layer of sweetness to…

Home Baked Treats For Santa

1 October 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Surprise Santa this year with one of these delicious sweet treats! Baking is such a fun, family-friendly, festive activity. Get the kids in the kitchen and off their screens. Share the fruits of your labour with family, friends, and Santa! Make Santa’s day this Christmas with these home baked treats! Cookies Cookies and milk are…

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