Cutting Costs at Christmas – Making Magic on a Budget

31 August 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Christmas, one of the most anticipated, celebrated and wonderful events around the globe, is sometimes also the most expensive and stressful time for the families, especially parents of small kids who wait the whole year for the letters and gifts from their dear Santa.  A wholesome budget is required on Christmas for decorations and different…

Stocking up Your Stocking – Christmas Gift Ideas Under £10

15 August 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Introduction Finding the perfect gift can be hard work! We’ve done all the hard work for you and found the best Christmas gifts under 10 pounds. Say goodbye to expensive and unimaginative gifts. This is how to stock your stocking up on a budget while not sacrificing on quality! Read on to find the best…

How To Make Christmas Magical This Year 

9 August 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Christmas is a magical time of year, this is one of the great universal constants that families across the globe all agree on. Coming together not just as the small, nuclear-style family that you might have but also bringing in aunts and uncles, grandparents, and distant cousins can lead to a magical event where you…

Traditional Things To Do This Christmas 

1 August 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Christmas traditions are events and rituals we revisit year after year with our family and friends. Tradition is a massive part of what makes Christmas so special! Everyone loves the familiarity and comfort of old traditions we have been doing for years! Often, Christmas traditions are shared by a whole community and have deep historical…

Bag Your Spot On Santa’s Nice List in 2022 – How To Guide (and how not to be on Santa’s naughty list!)

31 July 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

The Christmas Spirit  Santa Claus will put you on his nice list if you have encapsulated the Christmas spirit all year round. The Christmas holidays are all about connection, and joyfulness. At Christmas, you can show your family and friends how much you care about them by buying them a present, cooking food, or spending…

Christmas Planning Guide for 2022: The Complete Guide

26 June 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

A complete guide to your Christmas planning, including top Christmas planning tips. Including gems on Christmas cake, Christmas cards, santa letters amongst others for the festive period. We’ll also talk about Christmas presents, and how to wrap presents, the holidays (maybe for the kids?!), and aid if you wish to plan ahead this year. Planning…

Can you replant a Christmas tree?

10 June 2022

By Santa

You can’t have Christmas without thinking about when you will buy or bring down your Christmas tree from the attic and start to decorate it. Once the tree is decorated, you get the feeling Christmas is just around the corner and that the holiday season has started. For many, decorating the Christmas tree is a…

5 ways to make this Christmas Eve extra special

25 May 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Make Christmas Eve extra special this year with these ideas for the kids! It’s a wonderful Christmas time! There is something about Christmas that makes the entire lead up feel awe-inspiring, especially as a child. They see all the decorations up everywhere and opening the letter from santa that they received. Places that look dull…

Five fun things to do whilst you’re at Lapland

20 April 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year and with the reindeer population greater than the human population, there is nowhere quite like Lapland to celebrate the magic of the festive season. Lapland creates the perfect holiday destination for families to make memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime and as the…

Santa Claus’ Reindeer

21 February 2022

By Santa's Little Helper

When you think of Santa and his sleigh, his reindeer always spring to mind. They are vital in pulling Santa’s sleigh; the sleigh wouldn’t move without them. Santa would not be able to deliver his presents. Disaster! However, can we name all of them? Everyone knows the name of the famous, red-nosed reindeer Rudolph but…

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